Feeling overwhelmed trying to balance your professional and personal life?
Wondering if you are truly living and walking in the path of your purpose?
Looking to connect and recharge with a group of women in an intimate setting?


Vision & Implementation Hangout

Self-Care Merch!

Shhhh…. we are practicing self-care.

I was not expecting so many of you to order calendars this month!  For those of you who are enjoying them, don’t forget to leave me some feedback.  Personalized self-care calendars include:

  • Weekly summary of daily self-care tasks
  • Personal mid-week self-care check (Wednesdays)
  • Private wellness and balance consultation (upon request)


Vision & Implementation

Due to come Google Hangout difficulties, I ended up having to record this session privately.  Why should you check it out?  Learn how to evaluate your life in terms of a 360◦ approach to a balanced lifestyle and create a concrete plan to prioritize wellness.

Visit the link below to access the visual hangout and audio download (Available April 10th).


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Define It.  Own It.  Your Terms.

Let’s continue to make the hashtag #SelfCareIs trend in 2017.  Share on your social media pages how you are practicing self-care today!

About Sojourner Verdad

PhYINomenal was created by Sojourner Verdad, a 40-something woman, who was inspired to share her journey of discovering her Feminine Power with the world.

Inspired by the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn (The Game of Life and How To Play It) and Rachael Jayne Groover (The YIN Project), she found her purpose in encouraging women to celebrate both the divinity and power of their femininity. Combining her own spiritual practices and educational background in counseling, she focuses on helping women and teens discover and harness their own feminine power, while focusing on wellness and healthcare.

Sojourner currently resides “comfortably south” of Atlanta, Georgia, where she enjoys writing and co-hosting a weekly podcast (Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine). You can also find her at Sojourner’s Truth or

For information on her retreats and online workshops visit PhYINomenal.  The theme for 2016 was #SelfCareIs.  In 2017, watch us transform with The Butterfly Effect  Join her!

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